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Dear customers, <br>We are a company located in the central part of Romania, specialized in PC components selling. We are founded in 2003, and we are know as one young and serious company. <br>Our customers are are represented by schools and high-schools. For them we are providing the equipement they need for they informatic labs. <br>We are also selling our computers to home-users. Our home-user customers are usually people who need a powerfull PC for home. <br>Another category of customers, is represented by the people who don't have enoght money to buy a powerfull PC for home, so they choose one refurbished PC. <br>In conclusion you can buy from us brand new PC components, systems or you can buy refurbished products (class A) . <br>For one detailed list of our services, for prices, or for asking something, please write me on <br>We will be more than happy to aswer you. <br>Even if it has nothing to do with computers, another division of our company is selling hand-made gobelins. <br>So if you are intersted in buying gobelins, or if you want us to send you some photos of our gobelins (and prices, of course) pls contact us on the same <br>Those were some short words about our company. <br>Have a great day. <br>Best regards, <br>Iulian Bisca <br>

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SC Iulian & Liviu SRL


AL. Sahia



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