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History<br><br>Scanomat was founded more than 40 years ago in the early 60ies. <br>In the beginning the company was run from a garage of 25m2. Later the company moved to the industrial area in Glostrup, where the company had its head quarters for many years. In 1985 Scanomat launched the world's first fully automatic Cappuccino machine. Since then Scanomat has been continually developing and designing new, reliable, and economical products to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of service, and the quality of the beverages produced.<br>In 1991/92 Scanomat moved to new premises in Kokkedal, especially built to comply with Scanomat's needs: production, stock house, service department, research and development, show-room, and administration.<br> <br> <br>Strategy<br><br>Scanomat manufactures, develops, and markets some of the best professional coffee brewers in the world. Scanomat has a unique know-how within this line of business; a tremendous knowledge and experience from which the customers benefit.<br><br>Today, the name Scanomat is synonymous with excellent tasting coffees, cappuccinos, and other hot and cold beverages. The Scanomat package is based on modern technology, a superior range of products, efficient and effective service and financing opportunities. Worldwide, Scanomat serves almost 2 million cups of coffee per day and over half a billion per year. Coffee is the world's second biggest commodity and the single most profitable product in the world. We can help you take advantage of some of this profit.

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