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We are a mexican company located in texas USA. We import product from Mexico to cover the mexican and latin market on this contry, all so to we export the same products to the caribean island, Europe and middle east. Our company purchase our merchandise from all mayor brands in Mexico as: Nestle, procter&gamble, colgate palomive, unilever, clorox. Etc <br>Colgate palmolive, <br>Mccormick, fabrica de jabones la corona, sanchez y martin, henkel, coloso, kraft, nabisco, <br>Bristol mayers, del monte, <br>Kimberly clark, unilever, smith kline beechman. <br> <br>We provide the best product at the best price.

Company Introduction

Company Details:

Secobasa Grocery, LLC


1328 E. Hackberry


Year Established:


Main Products:

Powder detergents

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