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We like to introduce ourselves, sellwell trading, Mumbai, India, company started with the manufacture of plastic and packaging articles and is today stands as a exporter of plastic and packaging articles from India to many places in the world. <br> <br>We are manufacturing plastics articles like plastic bottles, caps, containers, plastic bobbins and any other articles related to cosmetic industry. We all do this as per customer requirement and as per customer mould as on job work basis. We also make mould as per customer requirement and as per customer design. <br> <br>Our entire range of manufactured products as follows: <br> <br> <br>Plastics articles packaging articles <br> <br> <br>* plastic containers * pharma pack <br> <br>* plastic bottels * cosmetic pack <br> <br>* plastic cap * food pack <br> <br>* plastic bobbin * toy pack <br> <br>We have at present, capable and quality machinery with complete qualified staffs. We have warehouse facility for storage also. We also assure you about our work and quality of products will be upto the high level standard. <br> <br>It also give us the pleasure to inform you our most prestigious clients to whom we have served by our products and services are as follows:. <br> <br>&middot; shingar limited <br>&middot; paramount cosmetics pvt. Ltd. <br>&middot; tips and toes india limited <br>&middot; sri jay pharma p ltd. <br> <br>It is the endeavour of the company to provide quality products and total services in the field of plastics industry and company looks to the continue patronage and goodwill of its valued clients, in its objective and shall appreciate if your would kindly put our name on your record for any assistance that may be required by you. <br> <br>Thanking you in advance, and expecting positive reply with long lasting business relationship.

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Sellwell Trading


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All plastics packaging products

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