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The Company<br><br>S2S was founded and established in Singapore on October 1997 as an artiste management and production house. S2S Pte Ltd. In 1999, S2S Inc, Japan was set up as a distribution, artiste management and publishing company in Japan, Tokyo. S2S Pte Ltd was chosen as the head office for all business functions such as the duties of communication, liaising and licensing on the behalf of S2S Inc, Japan. <br><br>Ken Kazunari Suzuki was one of the co founders of Avex Trax, which is one of the most successful independent record labels in Japan right now. One might ask &quot;Why the shift from Japan to Singapore&quot;? The reason is because Singapore was chosen due to her stable political situation, robust economy and excellent infrastructure. Such stability at hand breeds the need and opportunity for entertainment to flourish. Singapore was especially chosen as the headquarters because of her multiracial composition as well.<br><br>Our Vision<br><br>Our vision at S2S is to provide entertainment that can be enjoyed by all and sundry. We strive to promote cultural exchange via music. <br><br>Licensing/Distribution<br><br>S2S aims to license different genres of good music from overseas independent labels and distribute their music or catalogues in Japan, Singapore and hopefully to the rest of Asia. To facilitate our distribution, S2S has close working relationships with several major and independent distributors in Japan. (Examples are HMV, Tower Records, Shinsedo, WAVE, etc.) We are also planning to make inroads to fancy lifestyle shops to sell our products. S2S has set its sights on bringing good music into the Asian market to be appreciated and enjoyed by discerning listeners. <br><br>New Formats<br><br>In the near future, we aim to provide a series of lifestyle products to incorporate with our CD releases as we strive to be pioneers and leaders of the highly competitive music industry by serving the diverse lifestyles of individuals. We are also working on DVD concepts for our CD releases in the coming months and digital download. <br><br>Master Recordings<br><br>We are constantly promoting our roster of artist under our labels by doing concerts or in-store promotions with retailer to enhance our artist brand names. Where others have tried and failed, S2S continues to grow and expand rapidly in the region with its high quality products. This proves the fact that our business model as an independent record company is effective and we need not adopt or conform to the same core values as compared to a major recording company in order to succeed. The drive and motivation behind S2S is simply to release great music for discerning listeners in the market and if massive commercial success comes our way, we are sure to pass on the love for music back to the market. Well as our tagline goes, we send the love and dedication by ensuring that it is &quot;Music Most Suited To Your Lifestyle&quot;<br><br>Talent Management<br><br>As an artiste management/production house and publishing company, S2S Pte Ltd and S2S Inc has signed several promising and talented artistes both in Japan and Singapore to groom them into stars. As the company has a close working relationship with several major record labels in Japan our pool of talented artistes have collaborated with many well-known producers and musicians in that territory. Hence, through our strong presence and business relations in Japan, our artistes have their songs released on singles, albums and compilations that are distributed by major distributors and retailers. Some of the artiste under its roster:- Aiza Seguerra, Lani Mislucha, Charlie Green, Bevlyn Khoo, Kewei, Hakuei Kim, Jazzepresso, Mayo Sno , Saeko Inuzuka, MYMP,Olivia Ong, Sofia and many more. We are constantly sourcing out for new talents to increase our artist rosters and working with partners to promote our artistes to the public.

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