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Magnum connect, an affiliate to seven seas computers, is a value added distributor of networking products for middle east, Africa, south east Asia and eastern Europe. <br> <br>We are the premium distributors and also have training centre for top notch brands. <br>The products what we carry are - <br> <br>Brand-rex, foundry networks, cacheflow and mconnect, our own brand of cost effective networking products. <br> <br>Fingertec == biometrics 2in1 door access control system with time attendance <br> <br>Hewlett peckard a market leader in the manufacturer of pc's, server and laptops, printers. <br> <br>Ibm a world known manufacturer in enterprise servers, laptops and pcs. <br> <br>Blue coat the forerunner of content smart web caching products. <br> <br>Also stock acer, dell, cisco, avaya,3 com, apc, microsoft, symantec as well. <br>

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Seven Seas Computers


Near Lamcy Plaza


United Arab Emirates

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