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Our company SFY FOOD LTD was founded in Izmir in 1999 and we take pride to service with our quality products for internal and external market since then. We produce dried apricots, dried apples, dried pears and dried peaches and export those highest quality dried fruits mainly to Western European <br>Countries, Australia and South America. <br>We use the most modern and natural technics in the drying of products, and we also pay the greatest attention for hygiene and human health. We gather fruits directly from our fields and farmers. Fertile soil gives us the most natural fruits with perfect taste. Then we dry these natural and serve you without aflatoxin or any other microorganisms or any change of the taste. <br>Dried fruits which are the nature's gifts, are the symbols of purity and health and they all meet at brand SFY FOOD. <br>

Company Introduction

Company Details:

Sfy Food Ltd.


Laka Koyu No. 88 Bornova



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Main Products:

Dried Fruit

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