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Shanghai anhing alloys material co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers which is specializes in the products of thermocouples wire and extending(compensating)wire, resistance alloys, resistance heating alloys etc <br> <br>The employment on advanced technique and equipment and the rigorous production administration as well, permit the quality of our products up to high level and low cost. <br> <br>Our philosophy is 'quality and reputation are prime importance' <br> <br>We won iso9001:2000 certificate in jan,20,2005 <br> <br>We are willing to provide you with the best products and very good price and offer the effective service to meet the needs of the customers. <br>

Company Introduction

Company Details:

Shanghai Anhing Alloy Material Co. Ltd


No. 90, Yong He Road, Shanghai, China



Year Established:

Main Products:

Resistance Alloys(Wire)resistance Heating Alloys. Thercmouples Wire

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