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Shanghai Efly International Trade Co., Ltd. (Short writing: Shanghai Efly) is one company which is mainly engaged in chemical products and metal and mineral products. <br> <br>In the field of Mineral products, we mainly offer the niobium alloy, aluminum alloy, columbite ore, tantalite ore, copper ore, bismuth ore, zinc ore, lead ore, nickel ore, zirconium sand, alumina, and other different mineral ores to Chinese companies. We offer the high quality Potassium Fluotantalate, Tantalum Pentoxide (Ta2O5), Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2O5), Ferro Niobium (FeNb), and other tantalum and niobium products. <br> <br>In the field of chemical products, we mainly sell Potassium fluoride (KF), Lactic acid, Sodium fluoride (NaF) and formic acid. <br> <br>In the field of Auto parts, we offer different series of auto parts of Toyota, Buick, Chevrolet, Audi and others. We have thousands of products for your selection. Our products include lamp, bumper, rzeppa universal joint, bearing, windscreen wiper, needle and others. We have our own factory and warehouse in shanghai and Hangzhou. <br> <br>We believe that we can have good cooperation with you!

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Shanghai Efly International Trade Co., Ltd.


15-A7,Huafu Building,Longhua west Rd,Shanghai China



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mineral ores

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