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Shanghai Huai Tong Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2005, and our main business scope covers the sale and service of MAXLINK brand products. Our company focuses on terminal product development in telecommunication. Through our telecom operators, Huai Tong provides quality products and services to enlarge and maximize their sales value and market share. Due to the extensive network of operators, our company is able to realize the benefits of reducing communication costs and creating a &quot;win-win&quot; business philosophy, brand commitment and brand positioning in the telecommunications field. Huai Tong challenges the market to provide the most convenient, the most stable and price competitive products and services. <br> <br>Adhering to the principle of &quot;fair, just and reasonable&quot;, Huai Tong grasps the pulse within the telecommunication market. Since our foundation, Huai Tong has been proven to meet our telecommunication operators' business needs in telecommunication equipment. Currently in Eastern China, MAXLINK brand phone dialers and selectors occupy considerable market shares compared to other brands. <br> <br>Huai Tong IP traffic agents provide operators with high-quality services and products, such as stable dialers, thread selectors, voice reporting devices and cable end products. In the early 2006, due to the requirements in the PHS communication system, our company conducted independent research and development for wireless transfer of well-informed PHS indoor adapters. Mass production started in 2007. In the field of wired communication terminal products, MAXLINK brand has mass-market exposure via millions of satisfied customers. <br> <br>Huai Tong is committed to creating a balanced and reasonable &quot;win-win&quot; situation, not only through our product sale and marketing, but also by helping operators to attract high-quality customers and increase revenues, allowing the end users to enjoy more affordable communication services. Huai Tong offers high quality before-sales and after-sales service. Huai Tong then implements our competitive profit margin into the development of new products and enhances the quality of old products, enabling operators to build long-term partnership with Huai Tong. <br> <br>Huai Tong's pursuit of efficiency maximizes the value of teamwork among the staff members and unifies our company, providing high quality innovative services. <br> <br>Huai Tong has been committed to creating a well-known brand within the industry, and has gradually established a very unique brand culture. Huai Tong's vision is to prioritize the current and new partnership and make MAXLINK a leading brand in the field of telecommunication industry.

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Shanghai Huai Tong Information Technology Co., Ltd.


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