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With our logo--Work4U, Yixiang Group (HK) Co., Limited intergrate one food can company, one centrifuge company, one medical appratus company and one plastic&rubber machine company together. <br> <br>For food can, we have customers in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Spain, Bolivia. <br> <br>For medical apparatus, we are supplying to 32 customers all over the world. <br> <br>For centrifuge machine, we have exported to Malasia, Spain, US and so on. <br> <br>For plastic&rubber machine, we have exported to Japan, UK, Spain, Turkey, Iran, and so on. <br> <br>There is an old saying goes &quot;together we will be strong&quot;. Here we would like to say &quot;with us, you will be strong&quot;. <br> <br>We are looking forward to hearing from you, and work for you with our professional service as soon as we get your inquiry.

Company Introduction

Company Details:

Shanghai Yixiang Co., Ltd.


Rm.1911,No.1, Lane 775, Siping Rd.



Year Established:


Main Products:

Tin can,Tin can

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