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In The name of God <br>The consumers of foodstuffs in all over the world want that their products have features such as: abundance, quality, quantity and suitable packaging they do this work in wide range via achieving to superior technology and comprehensive plans in production of foodstuffs, buying matters of good quality and using of suitable machinery. Any foodstuff must have these features. <br>They need assurance in regard to continuance of distribution of these foodstuffs. Due to these merits, customers can provide our products in all over the world. <br>Shargh (East) Trade company established in 2003 performance of this company have caused customers Asia, Europe and America are attracted to this company. The reasons for attraction customers are actions of the company such as: eliminate of mediators buying of agricultural product of good quality and best packaging. <br>This company is one of the biggest companies in the East of Iran. The slogan of this company is << best quality, best packaging >> <br>This company sells various kinds of Raisin (kashmari, Golden, Green, Soltana) , Saffron (Negin, Poshali) Almond (Sangi, Dastmal) , Shelled Almond and pomegranate. <br>

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