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Shengzhou Yikang Calcium Industrial Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in the scientific research, manufacture and sale of Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM) and CCM related products. <br>We are the only factory in China solely devoted to the refinement of Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM) . As CCM is our only product, we take great pride in the unparalleled professionalism in all aspects of our manufacture. State-of-the-art equipment and specialized research allow us to offer a CCM product that is of high quality and proven safe. In fact, we produce CCM as good as, if not better than, that found anywhere, but at a much more competitive price than the CCM sold by western companies. <br>The corporate physical plant covers an area of over 12600 square meters. It is fully automated and our modern production facilities generate the production of 3600 tons of CCM annually. The specifications of every aspect of operation, including building, equipment, production technologies, technical staff recruitment, management and routine operations are all designed to be in accordance with GMP standards. <br>YiKang Calcium Industrial Corporation is very proud of its CCM scientific research team, LED by Chief Engineer Yuan Jingcheng. Also a Professor, Yuan Jingcheng has been involved in Calcium research for more than 20 years and has been awarded several nationally recognized patents. Our experienced research team is in constant contact with other researchers and academics worldwide in order to contribute to, and to benefit from, the latest developments and discoveries in this field. <br>YiKang Calcium Industrial Corporation holds the exclusive rights to the productions and distribution of our product which meets or exceeds the relevant quality indices as set forth in the USA. <br>Our attention to high standards is the result of our goal to export YiKang CCM to foreign customers all over the world. <br>Some Technical Indices for our CCM <br>Grade Ca Content (% ) Pb As Solubility <br>NSA 20-24 NML0. 5ppm NML0. 3ppm >99% <br>NSB 20-24 NML1ppm NML1ppm >95% <br>NSC 20-26 NML1ppm NML1ppm >90% <br>FAA 20-28 NML3ppm NML2ppm >90% <br>FAB 22-30 NML5ppm NML2ppm >85% <br>FAC 22-30 NML5ppm NML2ppm >75% <br>FAD 22-30 NML10ppm NML3ppm >70% <br>Remark: The solubility means the solubility in neutral water, and the saturated solution contains CCM 0. 5-0. 6g / 100ml. And it is considered to be the most neutral calcium salts with good mouthfeel. <br>

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Shengzhou Yikang Calcium Industrial Co., Ltd


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