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Shenyang Yishengrong Chemicals Co., Ltd., which is the important base of chemical raw materials in China, is one of the leading manufacturers of inorganic chemicals and organic chemicals for paper making, dyeing, rubber, leather and water-treatment industries in China. <br> <br>Our company has gained the right of import and export business and registered in Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic of P.R.C. We supply good quality and cost-effective chemicals to our customers. We produce our goods by our own factories established in 1995, which are well equipped with the first class quality systems, modernized warehouses and professional transport teams. <br> <br>Meanwhile, our company is supported by other major manufacturers of chemicals, which have close cooperation with us in the country. Our factory is equipped with advanced technology which can guarantee the favorable appearance and accuracy of the material. The best quality of products and the most complete services satisfy all the customers. We get a good reputation from our regular clients, who come from more than 30 countries and regions, including Asia, America, Europe and Africa.

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Shenyang Yishengrong Chemicals Co., Ltd.


NO.78-5 Huanghenan Street Huanggu District Shenyang City



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