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Shivtech has branches in two high traffic shopping malls. We identified the need for an internet access service in these malls and incorporated graphics design and a copy centre to complete our service requirements. <br> <br>We also offer a PC sales, repair, network and software service at one branch and the growth has been extraordinary, which has given us the idea of importing specific fast selling components to increase out profit margin. <br> <br>We have established a purchasing partnership with 6 other companies, which has earned us special discounts from suppliers enabling us, to compete effective with, as well as giving us the edge over all companies in the industry thus increasing our client base considerably. <br> <br>Our expansive client base is the foundation for a successful import business giving the confidence to purchase quantities that would earn us competitive prices. <br> <br>Customer service is also vital to us so we always ensure that our products are of top quality. Our staff are trained to provide impeccable service making us the first stop for shopping. We continually strive to improve current and incorporate other services to suit the needs of our customers. <br>

Company Introduction

Company Details:

Shiva Technology


Shop77, Phoenix Plaza,19 Parthenon Street


South Africa

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Main Products:

PC related hardware

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