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Shoe-Doodles & Casa D'Oro are under the umbrella of Pure & Simple Solutions who have pioneered many unique and successful products over the 28 year history. <br>Shoe-Doodles is the hottest new product accessory for rubber clogs and we are looking for additional DISTRIBUTORS in several countries. <br>Shoe-Doodles / Casa D'Oro <br>26789 Woodward Avenue, Suite 104 <br>Huntington Woods, MI 48707 <br>248-398-4600 Fax: 248-336-0115 <br>Toll Free: 866-974-6333 <br>WWW. shoe-doodles. COM <br>

Company Introduction

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Shoe-Doodles, LLC


26789 Woodward Avenue


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Main Products:

Shoe Charms,Shoe Charms

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