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We are since generations winemakers. Our winery is located in the territory of Caltagirone, a district of Catania. <br>Our firm arises on a small hill, has an internal working surface of 3300square meters and the land all around consists of 170 hectars. The nature of the soil is both earth and sandy; all day long our grapevines are set out to the sun. <br>We have two different tipologies of cultivation: 110. 000 hectares of vinegrapes and 60 hectares of &quot;table&quot; grapes. The vinegrapes are distributed as follows: 18 hectares of espaliers plantings with 60% &quot;Nero d'Avola&quot; and 40% of &quot;Frappato; other 20 hectares of &quot;Merlot&quot; and &quot;Syrah&quot;, 17 hectares &quot;nero d'Avola&quot; and the remaining 12 hectares cultivated with &quot;Nerello Mascalese&quot;, &quot;Sangiovese&quot; and &quot;Vernaccia&quot;. The whole farm is locates in the territory of the &quot;Cerasuolo di Vittoria D. O. C&quot; and since two years has become D. O. C. G. <br>Our &quot;table-grapes&quot; comprises: 43 hectares of &quot;Sugraone&quot;, 8 hectares of &quot;Thomson&quot; and the black variety &quot;Crimson&quot;. <br>

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