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Sicom Shanghai Enterprises Ltd. is a manufacturer and provider of products made of PVC Tarpaulin, PE and PVC coated/laminated Fabrics; such as: truck tarps, boat and car covers, nursery netting for sunshade, stadium covers, patio tents, and also products made of the strongest hi-tech fiber- UHMWPE FIBER, including mooring rope, fishing net, fishing line, parachute gear, cut resistance and abrasive resistance protection products etc. We also do OEM and ODM. <br> <br>The new series product--- Senior Product is coming out in July 2010. We provide the latest and creative senior product to the distributors of worldwide. <br> <br>Our company was established under Namliong Business Group ten years ago in Taiwan and opened a branch in Shanghai in 2004. The majority of our thirty factories are located in China. Namliong's business volume reached 1,000 million US dollars in 2008. <br> <br>Our business philosophy is TRUST & FAST. With highly-educated and-well trained professionals, we are convinced that we will be your trustworthy partner in business once you start to know us.

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Sicom Shanghai Enterprises Ltd.


Room.1103,No.145 Pujian Rd.,Pu Dong District,Shanghai,China.



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PVC Tarpaulin Covers

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