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We are specialists of manufacturing in Silks & Hand Embroideries. We enjoy a history of 12 years of providing exquisite products to varied, knowledgeable, and particular clients worldwide. <br> <br>These fashionable silk fabrics mainly use for clothing, embroideries, shawls & few are for furnishings. These silks are use from natural Mulberry& Tasar(Tusa) cocoons. <br> <br>We produce also different qualities of woven fabrics I. E: Viscose, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Wool as well as silk mixed viscose, cotton & fancy yarns etc. <br> <br>Our fabrics use in ladies and girls dresses, house-accessories, trims, appliques, and even in home decorate fabrics used for cushion covers, tablecloths, and curtains (of higher width of 2.80 Meter) etc. <br> <br>HAND EMBROIDERIES: <br>These are creating by our traditional hand embroidery techniques with the artist's inspirations. These are decorate by embroiders/artists with hand needles & the hair-thin color silk threads into the various beads, sequins, pearls, stones on different textures according to the customers designs & sizes. <br> <br>We assure you that our any EMBROIDERY PRODUCTS I. E: Fabrics, Shawls, Trimmings, Badges/Brooches, Handbags & Dress-panels etc will bring your pleasure for the nice workmanship. <br> <br>We have started recenly - Hi-fashionable Hand Embroidered-beaded Ladies dresses. I. E, Tops, Skirts, Jackets etc. <br> <br>If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us for more information. We are looking forward to establishing business relations with worldwide customers. <br> <br>OUR PRODUCTS: - <br>FABRICS <br> <br>1) 100% Hand woven Silk fabrics I. E.: Dupioni, Tasar, Matka (raw silk), Organza, Crepe, Chiffon, Georgette etc. In different weaving designs: - jacquard, tartan, stripes, herringbone, twill in plain & prints available in widths of 1.10,1.40,1.50,2.80 Meters. <br>1A) We also produce Silk mixed Cotton, Synthetic fancy yarns, Rayon, Viscose etc. <br>2) 100% Viscose Fabrics I. E.: Chiffon, Georgette, Velvet & etc. <br>3) 100% Cotton I. E.: Mulmul, Poplin, Velvet & etc. <br>4) 100% Polyester I. E.: Georgette, Taffeta & etc. <br>5) 100% Tulle (Net) I. E.: Plain & different jacquard designs. <br>These are available in Plain, Jacquard & Printed & in widths of 1.10,1.50 Meters. These are mainly use for ladies clothing & few for furnishings. <br> <br>EMBROIDERIES. <br>High fashionable Allover Embroidered-beaded fabrics and Border embroidered fabrics (one side embroidery from width-edges of fabrics) at various styles. <br>We also produce nice Embroidered-beaded Trimmings, badges/brooches & Handbags etc. <br> <br>SHAWLS & SCARVES: <br>The range of shawls includes elegant embroidery, Pure 100% Silk, Nylon tulle, Pure Kashmiri 100% Wool, Semi-pashmina (viscose) etc. <br> <br>These are two qualities I. E.: One is both side embroideries with/without in middle side light embroideries, with/without back cover with self-fabrics/Viscose velvet & fringes of threads/beads. <br>Another one at various plain dyed colors/printings & weaving designs with self-fringes. <br> <br>The sizes of Scarves, Stoles, Shawls & Pareos as per customers sizes in square, round, triangular & rectangle I. E.:50 cm X 50 cm,75 cm X 75 cm,100 cm X 100 cm & 60,75,100 cm wide X 150,180,200 cm lengths. <br> <br>QUALITY: - <br>We keep constant watch of our productions at each & every stages. The first stage is the quality of yarns & dying process of the yarns. The second stage is check the weaving of the fabrics, Dyeing & Printing of the fabrics. The third stage is embroidery workmanship according to customer's order. <br> <br>After complete all department inspections our technicians inspection of any missing & comply according to the order sheets, then pack this export worthy. <br>

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