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Introduction of our industrial unit <br>Silverline cocoa & food industries was established in 1979. We manufacture covering chocolates I. e. Milk; plain and bitter chocolates, besides we manufacture choco paste, milk plain and dark. Our product is packed in bulk packing of 15 kilos or 5 kilos, and actual users use the same as a raw material. The product is manufactured in very hygienic condition under the supervision of trained technician and senior experienced supervisory staff. Our chocolate is manufactured in imported modern 3 in 1 automatic machine and computerized working at certain stage. <br>Products in details: <br>Chocolates: <br>For our chocolate / choco paste, the basic ingredients are coco liquor, coco powder, coco butter, fat, sugar, flavors, milk powder etc. Chocolate is conched in automatic machine so as to get fineness and smoothness. <br>Our product is used by actual users as per taste of their clients. It is mainly used by ice cream, cake manufactures, biscuit companies, five-star hotels, home / cottage industries in the required proportion based on the texture, flavor, and appearance of the finished products. <br>Covering chocolate is also used for making various flavored small chocolate slabs I. e. Raspberry, strawberry, and cherry, pine pal, orange, coffee, fruit & nuts, etc. Centers like wafer biscuit, almond, walnuts; cashew nuts, etc. Are coated with chocolates. <br>Choco-paste is mainly used by cake, manufactures, confectionery companies, candies, ice cream; sweet meat makers as per their recipes and taste of their clients. <br>Drinking chocolate: <br>It contains cocoa, sugar, flavor and preservative. It is taken with milk to stir well and mixed to make perfect drinking chocolate shake. It is taken as hot or cold. It gives energy and freshness mainly to children and elderly persons. <br>It is also taken with tea or coffee. The hoteliers sell as chocolate tea or chocolate coffee, when drinking chocolate is mixed in tea or coffee. <br>Custard powder: <br>It contains superfine corn flour, permitted food colour, flavor and preservative. Custard powder is mixed in milk; add sugar to taste, boil slowly, stir well, chill and serve. <br>Jelly crystals: <br>It contains sugar, edible gelatin, citric, flavor and permitted colour. Add 100 gms jelly crystals in one cup of hot water I. e. 250 ml, stir till it dissolves. Add cold water up to 500 ml. Pour in a mould. Chill until form. <br>Jelly crystal is a dessert, which can be enjoyed with fruits, custard or plain also. It is the best mouth watering dessert available. It can also be had without custard and tastes heavenly with salads, etc. Jelly crystals are available in mouth-watering flavours such as raspberry, strawberry, orange, lemon, pineapple & mango. This is the dessert, which is admired by everyone right from the kids to the elders. <br>Icing sugar: <br>It is pure redefined sugar in fine mesh. It is used for sweets, ice-cream, cakes coating, decoration on cakes etc. <br>

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