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We are a new company, registered in March 2006, specialising in branding products to school own colours and logo's. We import products from mainly China and are looking at India. So if kids are buying something to take to school, then we brand that product to the school! . We are a promotional company for school. There are 2 lines of products: <br>Stuff All Kids Need: which includes padded, insulated lunch boxes and drink containers. All kids need them for school so why not put the school logo on: and <br>Stuff for School Fund Raising: Some of the schools we have worked with have asked for other products to be developed and so we have expanded into also providing school thermo's, car sun shields, golf umbrella's, teddy bears, autograph bears and aprons, all branded for your school. <br>This is a new area and new products are being developed all the time so please check our site regularly as we are updating all the time, after talking to our customers. <br>

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Stuff For School


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