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Let us take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you as being one of the most important stockdealers of textile fabrics and lace in Europe. We have been on international markets since the 1950's and currently we export to more than 50 countries in the world. Textile stock in our warehouses on our premises in gerlingen, Germany, is well exceeding 1.200 tons currently. <br>All kinds of elastic fabrics for swimwear, sportswear, clubwear, underwear, lingerie, corsetry, covering elastic plain fabrics, printed fabrics as well as elastic velours/velvets, and all kinds of lace (elastic, non-elastic), both on a stocklot and first choice basis are our specialities. In addition, we do carry other textile items and accessoires such as woven fabrics, non-elastic knitted fabrics, embroideries, zippers, narrow width elastics, bra bends, yarn etc. Yet mainly on a stocklot basis. Our multilingual homepage on the internet will provide you with further information about our product range. <br> <br>We work very closely with European manufacturers and all of our goods are of European union origin and of high-level-quality, strictly complying with the euopean union regulations concering dyeing procedures, use of chemical agents and with current consumer protection laws. The chemical fibres applied are top-of-the-range in quality and fashion, many times with special functions (e. G. Soft &quot;micro&quot;-feeling, thermo functions, sweat transmitting, encreased colour fastness etc. ). In most of the article groups mentioned, we are not only supplying c-grade (2nd. Choice) and b-grade items (with slightly increased number of defects compared with 1st. Choice), but also a-grade fabrics (1st. Choice), covering all quality levels at internationally competitive prices. <br>

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Suedoeconomic R. Goos Gmbh


Schillerstrasse 51-53,70839 Gerlingen/Germany



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Textile Stocks

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