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We are an manufacturer and exporter of UV curing lamps and machine. <br>Products are; <br>1. All kinds of UV lamps (high pressure mercury, metal halide, instant start, short arc, cleaning system) for curing and exposure. <br>2. UV drying and exposure line <br>3. Special type halogen lamp for heating purpose in industrial use. <br>4. Ultra high pressure UV exposure lamp <br>5. Laser beauty machine <br>6. Heating system <br>7. LED lighting system <br>8. Electrodeless lighting system <br>Fax 0303 0563 6331 <br>

Company Introduction

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Sun International Korea/Sunlasersystem


Room203 220-3 Yongjong Keyang


South Korea

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Main Products:

UV Lamp,UV Lamp

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