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Sunrise Communications, a joint venture located in the Caribbean specializes in communication instruments<br>The company has been developed as the high and new technologic enterprise integrating<br>R& D, manufacturing and sales. <br>In optical communication section, Sunrise Communications works directly with one of the only authorized agent and franchised maintenance station of Fujikura Ltd. And is also a general agent of Ando Ltd, Canada Consultronics and USA Sunrise for the communication line testing and protocol analyzing devices. <br>Not only be agent of some well-know foreign companies, But also Sunrise has merged with professional manufacturers engaging in the manufacturer of all kinds of series of antennas, surveillance, telephony and other &quot;outside plant&quot; equipment. <br>With all these equipment we supply, Sunrise Communications along with our brother company Technological Innovations Ltd. Also provides turnkey solutions to SMB's and large Co-operations throughout the Caribbean.

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Sunrise Communications


# 8 Rickson Street,


Trinidad and Tobago

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Network Communications

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