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Super audio(madras)private limited is the world's largest direct marketer of music cd's. The range of musical albums in audio CD, VCD and DVD include: Sanskrit&vedic chanting, music therpay, vedic therapy, carnatic vocal, classical instrumental, tamil devotional and many more... <br> <br>The variety of albums makes super audio the leader of its kind. To mention a few: <br> <br>Sanskrit chanting and vedic recital by vedic scholars, music and vedic therapy for relieving stress and anxiety, for healthy life, music for safe pregnancy, for increasing concentration, mental peace and more. <br> <br>Carnatic vocal albums of the leading singers like dr. Balamuralikrishna, S. P. Balasubramaniam, M. L. Vasanthakumari, sudha raghunathan, aruna sayeeram and many more. <br> <br>Classical instrumental albums of venna, violin, sitar, flute, mandolin, saxophone, mirudangam, nadaswaram, etc. <br> <br>Devotional songs on lord ayyappa, ganesha, amman, lakshmi, krishna, vishnu and other enchanting albums. <br>

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