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Tai sun machinery Co., ltd has been concentrating on the manufacture of the tissue paper converting machine since 1970. Now the &quot;tai sun&quot; brand has successfully exported <br>A big quantity of various items to several countries in the world. <br>A lot of the tai sun machinery series have been in the user's factories for commissioning over 30 years. Theses users are a small part of international reference and of course, <br>Which assure you of the tai sun machinery excellent quality. <br>For the purpose of presenting perfect operating skill to increase end-users, tai sun machinery Co., ltd. Would like to dispatch technicians to user's factory for machinery <br>Installation and a period of training course. <br>With the continuous new concepts provided by tai sun, the end-users will make the best use of the machines to obtain delicate and exquisite tissue paper of all items in mass <br>Production. Tai sun concurrently developed various models in order to comply with customers multi-various requirements. <br>

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