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Shriji Trading aims to present for the domestic and also the world markets quality products like wood crafts, wood carving and Indian wood products for varied applications made of high quality wood and wood composites produced to a finish unmatched in the industry. The Company owes to its customers superior quality and timely delivery of product consignment. <br><br>Factory<br>Modern equipment, seasoning and ageing paraphernalia and furnace, tools, attachments, contraptions, steam spouters and thermal testing lab complete the factory infrastructure at Bhavnagar.<br><br>Finishing Touch<br>For certain types of finish and use composite wood is developed by wood crafts, wood carving, Indian wood products, laminating layers of wood substrates, wood block and slabs are fused together by resinous substances and compressed to very high pressures. The result is fascinating, especially when tooling and burnishing turns the product into an unimaginable finish.<br><br>Stains, lacquers, are used only when necessary. Wood silicone waxes and polishes are used to bring the effect of class or even the lustre of patina if the customer so desires. We will try our best to meet customer needs. <br><br>The Company has started exporting to Italy, the US, UK, CIS Countries, South Africa, the Gulf countries, and Austria.

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Tapan Vadodaria


378, GIDC Chitra



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Wooden craftsWooden Pen and Acrylic Pen,Wooden craftsWooden Pen and Acrylic Pen

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