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Tch Co. ltd. Is a professional manufacturer and seller of dried fruit and vegetable pieces and powder and other food drying agents. By developing the patented &quot;cell membrane rupture with vacuum airflow&quot; technology, the company has established a leadership position in the biotechnology industry. <br>In a quest to progress and excel, tch continues to improve its manufacturing technology nad provide comprehensive and professional services as well as safe and high quality products to customers. <br>To ensure high product quality and food hygiene standards, tch not only utilizes cell membrane rupture technology but also uses natural, unpolluted fruits and vegetables as raw materials. <br>Tch adopts modern management methods, provides rigorous training to all staff members, and implements food safety best practices so that we can carefully monitor every detail of the manufacturing process. Tch is ISO 14001 certified. <br>With state-of-the-art technology, advanced facilities and solid performance, tch has built excellent partnerships with a number of renowned corporations. We will build upon our momentum and continue to offer top-notch services to customers. <br>

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TCH Company Limited


Flat D, 2 / F, Mai Wah Industrial Building, 1-7 Wah Sing Street


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Cell Membrane Rupture Powders

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