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ABOUT TELESCIENCE<br>TeleScience Singapore is an established InfoCom Technology (ICT) company which supply and service a broad range of ICT products. These include: LAN/WAN/SAN Networking Equipment, Broadband transmission and multiplexing Equipment, Timing and Synchronisation Solutions and Test and Measurement Equipment. Our customer base includes Telecom Carriers and Service Providers, Large Corporations and System Integrators. <br><br>EXPERTISE AND TECHNOLOGY<br>To date, TeleScience has completed several million-dollar projects of various nature. With a paid-up capital of S $1 million, and many times more in assets, TeleScience has the financial capability to engage in several turnkey projects simultaneously. <br><br>OUR CLIENT<br>TeleScience has undertaken large telecommunications infrastructure projects such as broadband digital networks and network management systems. Some of our clients include: <br>- Singapore Telecom<br>- Starhub<br>- SCS Networks<br>- Ministry of Defence<br>- Reuters Singapore<br>- VISA International<br>- Standard Chartered Bank<br>- ST Electronics Group of Companies<br>- Lucent<br>- Port of Singapore Authority<br>- Singapore Cable Vision<br>- Radio Holland<br>- DBS Bank<br>- and many others. <br><br>CORE BUSINESS AREAS<br>Our 3 core business areas includes: <br>- Distribution<br>- System Integration<br>- IT Consultancy and Services<br><br>Telescience offers you a wide range of products and services to suit your needs. You will have access to our comprehensive technical support including: <br>- extended warranties<br>- Technical Support<br>- on-site engineering and troubleshooting<br>- after-sales maintenance<br>- design engineering<br>- project consultations<br><br>1) Transmission & Multiplexing Equipment: <br>- High speed multiplexers / Inverse<br>- Multiplexers frame relay / X. 25 / IP / F-O / ATM Access Equipment<br>- Modems and Converters<br>- Fibre-Optic Multiplexers / Modems / Converters<br>- DWDM and Fibre Back UP Systems<br>- Wimax ready CPE Products<br>- Fixed Wireless Broadband Access<br>- IP Routers, DSL Products, multiplexers<br>- Device Servers, Converters, Ethernet Extenders<br>- Datacom Accessories<br>- Media Converter, Ethernet switch, Multi-Service Multiplexer<br>- SDH / PDH / EOA / EOS Equipment<br>- ISDN and CSU / DSU Equipment<br>- Multi Services Access Platform<br>- DSL Products<br><br>2) Network Test Equipment, Analysers & Simulators: <br>- Fibre Optics test & Measurement equipment<br>- SDH & DWDM Test equipment<br>- Ethernet Full-line rate Network Tester (10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps) <br>- VOIP QoS Tester<br>- Fibre Channel (SAN) / Infiniband Test Instruments / iSCSI standard<br>- Portable telecom & ADSL testers<br>- Monitoring systems for private and public networks<br>- SS7 / ISDN / E1 Analog call simulators<br>- WAN, Link, Workgroup and Integrated Analyzers<br>- ESCONTM / Fibre Channel Tester / Analyzer / Generator<br>- DSL Active Line Emulator<br>- Communications Testers<br>- V. 35, RS232, RS422 / RS530, X. 21, HSSI, DDS, T-1, E-1, T-3 and E-3<br><br>3) Networking, Synchronisation & Security: <br>- Telecommunications & Networks synchronisation<br>- Clock displays<br>- Time Switches / Amplifiers / Converters<br>- Oscillator / Clock Cards<br>- Clock Displays<br>- Low and High-end Routers / Core Routers<br>- LAN Switches<br>- Security and VOIP Gateways<br>- Network Tap Solutions<br>- Copper, Fiber, Converter, Regeneration Taps Redundant Port Selector<br>- Media Converters, PC Adaptor Cards<br>- Hubs, Transceivers, Switches<br>- Modular / Multiport Systems<br>- Voice over IP, Gateways<br>- Hubs, Network Adapters, switches<br>- Media Converters, Transceivers<br>- Encryption solution for data storage<br>- Security for tape, vpn, fibre channel<br>- Routers and xdsl modems / IADs<br>4) IT Services

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