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We are selling high quality Thai Teak Wood carving reliefs, frames, sculptures and many many more. Our products are traditionally hand carved and made from Sakthong, the famous Thai Teak Wood is called. The carving techniques are age-old and passed down from generation to generation. Pieces are hand crafted by a master carver made from a single solid heavy piece of Sakthong Teak Wood tree or its root. With our products you not only purchase an absolutely beautiful masterpiece handicraft of masters wood carving <br>But also a unique one of a kind eye catcher in your house or private gallery. <br>It illustrates the legends and traditions of Thailand. <br>Please feel free to discover our website for products and to contact us in case of any question! <br>

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Thai Teak Wood Carving - Sakthong Wood Carving


588 Jj Mall G-Floor Room G70 Kampaeng Phet 2 Rd.



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Wood Carving,Wood Carving

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