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Arrangement of trailers, full processing of custom declaration service <br>In view of the high growth of economic activities in the Mainland China district, to meet the inland transportation demand, it provides its clients with trains, trucks, trailers door to door transportation services, custom declaration on behalf of its clients and war e housing management, integrated services, etc. <br>Shipping agency services <br>In the Mainland China, the main agency services of its shipping agents are: Import and export container supervision, arrangement of the first voyage vessel, shipping port related business, reservation and arrangement of shipping space and collection of freight charge, etc. On behalf of its clients. <br>Planning and designing of cargo operation management system <br>With its aim &quot;to provide plural services missions with the clients&quot;, in order to meet the clients' plural and special requirements, it plans and designs a set of integrated applicable computer system, to increase its internal control efficiency and simplification, to reduce transportation links and processing, so as to create extra added value. <br>Import and export Ocean and air freight business <br>Connecting its global agents around the world, being equipped with electronic operation system, utilizing far reaching internet network, it provides its clients with shipping voyage information, freight charge information, shipping space reservation service, on time information of cargo arrival, communications with domestic and overseas clients, etc. All kinds of high quality, high efficiency services. <br>Logistics and warehousing services <br>Its air freight warehouse at Chuan Wang, Hong Kong has perfect warehousing facilities and tightly secured entrance system. Combining Ocean and air cargo import and export operation and trucking transportation with separate management, through the convenience of the Internet, it provides its clients with online reservation service for shipping space, on time tracking of cargo, Hong Kong air freight logistics warehouse management, information of charges, information of invoices, information of stocks in the warehouses, online customer information etc. Services. In the Mainland China district, it provides a whole set of services to its clients, including reservation of shipping space with the shipping company, custom declaration on behalf of its clients, warehousing, transportation of containers, even local logistics delivery services. <br>Triangular trading, intermediate transfer of import and export trading <br>Perfect service points assisting operations providing its clients in the third country import and export trading with handling of documents issuance. <br>

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