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Tiga Mutiara Rukun Sentosa is a native tapioca manufacture in Indonesia. We are located in East Java province where majority of raw material plantation is located. We are in the gateway to any plantation area, thus enable us to have a reliable supply of raw material all year round. Our product is high in quality and consistency and have a remarkable success in prodcuing high quaility native tapioca starch. Our mission is to help farmers get their profit by selling raw material to us and also to serve the customer's demand and needs for better quality in serving food for the nation. We set the purchasing price considerably lower than any other industries. Our concentration is mainly on native tapioca strach but we are also looking for investment in modified tapioca starch. <br>

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Tiga Mutiara Rukun Sentosa


Gatot Subroto 6



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Native Starch

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