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Timson has been endeavoring to professional metalwork since 1980. We are equipped with advanced machinery to assure the quality of product not only meet but also exceed our customers' need. <br>As a company with harmonious labor-capital relation and stable personnel, we keep on pursuing low-cost, technical promotion, and increase of customer satisfaction. Timson sincerely looks forward to having a long-term partnership with you and your support. <br>The characteristics of Timson are as follows: <br>Production Flexibility: <br>From sample fabrication to mass production. The fully automatic and high accurate facilities support to achieve the quality of products quickly. <br>Full Services: <br>From mechanism design to assemble. <br>Vertical Integration: <br>Well-established management on supply chain. <br>Experience: <br>Twenty-six years experience in sheet metal fabrication. Over two decades experiences have helped us to perform the process efficiency. <br>Software development: <br>Develop management and CAM software to fit our needs. <br>Customer Focus: <br>The customer is our first priority. We do this by listening, delivering quality products and services to our customers. <br>Innovation: <br>Advances new technologies and ideas, and continuing to set the highest standards in our manufacturing processes to improve the quality.

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Timson Ind. Co,. Ltd.


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Networking Equipment Case

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