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Trade-Industrial Company &quot;RIDER&quot; <br>Export-Import and manufacture company was create in 1991. <br>Company supply steel and metal <br>products in different worldwide <br>countries. <br>Export steelcommodity: <br>1)hot rolled steel in coils <br>2)cold rolled steel in coils <br>3)hot rolled steel in sheets <br>4)cold rolled steel in sheets <br>5)plate <br>6)hot rolled strips <br>7)tool steels <br>8)stainless steels <br>9)ship building steel <br>10)high speed steel <br>11)electrogalvanized steel <br>12)construction steel <br>13)steel pipes and tubes <br>14)linepipes <br>15)oil pipes <br>16)reinforcing bars <br>17)hot rolled square steel billets <br>18)slabs <br>19)bars <br>20)angles,beam,channels <br>Raw materials: <br>1)Iron ore <br>2)Ferro-alloys <br> <br>Metal semiproducts <br>1)Pig iron <br>2)Nodular pig iron

Company Introduction

Company Details:

Trade Industrial Company RIDER


Fonvizina 28 V


Year Established:


Main Products:

Flat and long Steel products. Cold and hot rolled coils

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