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CUP AND DISHES TRAY INDUSTRIAL WASHING: <br>I / Machine structuring composition: <br>- Machine is designed with imported Stainless Steel (SS) 304 thickness of 1. 2mm. <br>- Consisting of 3 motor of 2 HP, made in Taiwan of washing. <br>- 1 motor of a HP made in Taiwan of washing. <br>- Conveyor belt by SS, Conveyor belt axe is SS pt 8mm. <br>- Having 8 spreader ledged for an amendment. <br>- Dimension: 3, 000mm L x 750mm W x 1, 600mm H<br>II / Power<br>- 60 minutes / 1, 800 trays<br>- Washing temperature is 700C-900C. <br>- Drawer no. 1 is used for washing the remaining food. <br>- Drawer no.

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Truong Sanh Co.,Ltd


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