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About Tugboat Enterprises<br><br>Tugboat Enterprises specializes in secure data migration and recovery software. Tugboat's premium offering is Selkie Software, a product line that helps companies save precious time and money. Selkie Software is built on a specially developed, unique platform. Unlike other migration and recovery products, Selkie products don't require a functioning Window's Operating System. Selkie Software includes solutions for customers from Home Office to SMB to Retail to Enterprise Markets. It enables end-users to migrate or recover mission-critical emails, presentations, documents, photos and videos that would otherwise be irretrievable in the event of operating system or hardware failures or when migrating data to a new desktop.<br><br>Selkie Software can be incorporated into the Managed Services of any company to save time and money. It is a valuable addition to any Help Desk situation, allowing technicians and computer users to solve their migration and recovery issues quickly and easily and get back to the business of their day.<br><br>Mission Statement<br><br>Tugboat's mission is to provide the next generation of software for data recovery and data migration. Selkie Software enables IT organizations to achieve the highest quality of service, lower IT operation costs and attain or exceed service level agreements for end-user desktop support. Tugboat's applications are reliable, effective, easy-to-use and geared toward the Enterprise, Small & Medium Business, Home Office and Government markets.<br><br>What We Do<br><br>Tugboat Enterprises specializes in breakthrough Enterprise-level solutions for migrating and rescuing data from old or non-working desktops, laptops, or groups of computers. Selkie Software, Tugboat's suite of products, works over existing networks making the transfer process fast, easy and intuitive. Using Selkie Software helps IT Professionals meet Service Level Agreements by quickly migrating or recovering data and reducing the effects of downtime.<br><br>At Tugboat Enterprises, we understand that a computer's true value is in its data. This is why our products are work to ensure that when Windows crashes, downtime is kept as brief as possible, and when computers are upgraded, moving the data is fast, simple, and automated. Tugboat has an innovative and skilled team of dedicated workers who bring talent, vision and creativity to the company and its products. Selkie Software works, even when Windows doesn't.

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