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Respected Sir,<br> <br>We are one of the establish company specializing in All kind of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Main vellum heads Day Wear Sporrans Semi Dress Sporrans Boy Sporrans Rabbit Fur Sporrans Kilts Kilt Belts Kilt Pines Glengarries Balmorals Smooth Belts Cross Belts Sgian Dubhs Metal Badges Brooches Gold/Silver Braids etc in different colors sizes and finest quality since 1965. Please you visit our web site www.vellumhead.com there we have a range of our products many of the designs of the sporrans hidden in our web site as we start our first contact by e-mail with your company we will send you by attachment with our price list for your companyPlease send your specific requirements so that we can assure good quality and on time delivery with competitive prices. <br> <br>We are regular exhibitor in Musik Messe Frankfurt Germany since 10 years ago.Please make a appointment for me I will come at you office and discus future business.<br><br> <br>Best regards<br><br>M.Waseem<br>Sr. Executive <br> <br>Vellum Head Company <br>URL: http://www.vellumhead.com

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Muhammad pura



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Musical Instruments

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