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In Veskim, found by three partners with a self-capital in 1987, sales of Commodity Chemicals oriented towards the textile industry, supplied both internationally and nationwide is done. <br>Since the year 2000, the company started its own production facilities, which keeps going with the production, import, export and sales of Textile Auxiliaries and Denim Chemicals. <br>The agreement between GE Bayer Silicones and Veskim, which led us to become the official representative of GE Bayer Silicone Fluids in Turkey made a headway in our product scale in the second half of the year 2002. <br>Veskim continues its growth with its accumulation in the Applied Chemistry, crowned by the ISO9001 Quality Certificate, and its specific solutions directed towards the needs and expectations of the sectors served, through its vision<br>

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Veskim Kimya San. DIS Tic. Ltd. Sti


Karaoglanoglu CAD. Ethem Zengin Ismerkezi No: 25 K: 5



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Organic And Inorganic Chemicals

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