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VIRTUAL POMPEI is the first educational entertainment attraction in Italy. It consists in a compact Virtual Archaeological Park located only 100 metres far from Pompeii's Ruins entrance, in the most famous archaeological area of the world. It is designed to use digital 3D technologies to reproduce the Ancient Pompeii and the Vesuvius' eruption of 79 A. D. In other words, a way of exploiting culture using the latest technology to combine information with entertainment. Visitors, provided with polarised glasses, are taken back to Pompeii at the beginning of the first millennium, where they can visit temples and houses, take part in the Vesuvius' eruption, and experience the tragic moment for themselves. <br>We are the producer of our 3D stereoscopic films Pompeii 79 A. D. and The Sibilla legend and a CD ROM 3D CICERO IN POMPEII (not stereoscopic) a fascinating voyage through 2000 years of Pompeii's history. 42 subjects including 300 images, 3D graphic reconstructions, 12 video-clips and Cicero, your personal guide. <br>In our centre there are also local craftsmans and artists realizing works of art, reproductions of Greek Roman vases and art objects, products in lava from Vesuvius'. <br>All the products are handmade and painted by Italian craftsman artists. <br>

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