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Vologda optical-and-mechanical plant is one of the most update enterprises in the northwest region of the Russian Federation. It specializes in producing optoelectronic and optomechanical instruments. Starting its production activity from the manufacturing of the periscope artillery director, in 1980 VOMZ went over to making output of the Fire-control Complete Systems for objects of armored vehicles. Nowadays VOMZ disposes of an exclusively wide range of technological re-divisions and production facilities that allow manufacturing a long product list. <br>Today the VOMZ JSC is a leading Russian manufacturer of Tank Fire Control Systems. The sight, rangefinder and laser canals of aim taking and a ballistic computer are the main compounds of these complicated optoelectronic devices. The enterprise also plays an active role at the market of guided missiles. <br>Such a polytechnic profile of the enterprise allows it feeling free in various areas of production activity from the simplest optic systems output up to the hybrid micro assembly specializing in pellicle technology and resistive moulds. Within the framework of the innovative activity the VOMZ JSC works on modernization of daylight and night sights for armored vehicles. The new sets have more up-to-date technical sizes and specifications and provide a qualitative fulfilling of modern military tasks: The surveillance, searching, revealing and identification of the target, aimed firing on the move. The fire control systems are produced in several modifications according to different types of armament for armored vehicles <br>

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Vologda Optical-and-mechanic Plant


Leningradskaya 48/19


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Optical sights,Optical sights

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