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V-SHINE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture and system integration of digital video broadcasting systems with high quality and reliability. V-SHINE produces a comprehensive range of equipment for digital video network, including encoders, re-multiplexers, scramblers, modulators, decoders, IP-Video gateways and high-dense video processing systems. <br> <br>V-SHINE proposes solutions and produces digital video networking products for cables, satellites and terrestrial network operators or telecom service providers. V-SHINE proposals, based on our innovative design and reliable products, meet customers' specific requirements with the least cost. Furthermore, V-SHINE enjoys a high reputation for satisfied services which help users pursue long-term benefits. So far, our products have been widely deployed in China and 30 other countries and regions. <br> <br>V-SHINE will continuously offer advanced digital TV products and customized network solutions for our customers to achieve long-term benefit and potential growth. <br>

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V-SHINE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


6 Floor, Block A, JingMeng High-tech, No.5 Shangdi East Road, Haidian District



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