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We are major exporter and distributor of HP, Canon original toner, inkjet, ribbon and copier cartridge. <br> <br>Recently our company has launched new auto refill system for canon and epson printer. Suitable use in A4 and A3 size printer. <br> <br>We are the first company in asia pacific who produce auto refill system for canon printer <br> <br>Features: <br> <br>1. Saving money: Only one fifteenth of the original cost printing with bulk ink system is almost costless. <br>2. Saving time: Printing new job continuously <br>3. No wasted ink: No more half-full throw away <br>4. Incredible versatility: Switching ink easily between dye, pigment or dye sublimation <br>5. No messy refills: No more ink over your hands <br>6. Ecology the brightest but cleanest color on earth <br> <br>Due to increase demand of recycle industry, at the moment we also involve remanufacture inkjet cartridge according <br>Customer specification. Besides that we provide newly OEM for tailor make customer. If you have such order, please <br>Feel free to contact me. <br>(i) the intellectual property shown on the listed products belong to third parties (ii) the products are offered as examples only and not for sale <br> <br>

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Original Inkjet And Toner Cartridge Supply

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