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Our company is specialized in export chemicals and paper for many years. <br>If you are interested in any chemicals and paper, pls let me know. <br>I shall give you our best quality, price and service. <br>Now i want to recommend you the following chemical products that we often export and we are very competitive in price and quality. <br> <br>I hope we can co-operate each other in the futurte. <br> <br>Inorganic chemicals <br> <br>1. Ammonium bicarbonate food garde <br> <br>2. Ammonium chloride tech. Grade <br> <br>3. Ammonium bi fluoride 98% min <br> <br>4. Ammonium thio sulfate(58+/1%) photo garde <br> <br>5. Ammonium per sulphate 98.5% <br> <br>6. Barium chloride <br> <br>7. Barium carbonate powder& granular <br> <br>8. Barium nitrate powder/crystal <br> <br>9. Calcium hypochlorite 65% glanular <br> <br>10. Cobalt oxide/sulphate <br> <br>11. Lithium hydroxide 56.5% min <br> <br>12. Lithium carbonate tech grade <br> <br>13. Lithium chloride <br> <br>14. Phosphoric acid tech/food grade <br> <br>15. Potassium bromide 99% min <br> <br>16. Potassium bromate 99.5% min <br> <br>17. Possium carbonate 99% min <br> <br>18. Potassium nitrate granular/powder <br> <br>19. Sodium bromate 99% <br> <br>20. Sodium bromide 99% <br> <br>21. Sodium hexametaphosphate tech/food <br> <br>22. Sodium nitrite 99% <br> <br>23. Sodium nitrate 99% <br> <br>24. Sodium sulphate anhydrous 99% <br> <br>25. Sodium sulphite 96% <br> <br>26. Sodium tripolyphosphate <br> <br>27. Strontium carbonate 97% <br> <br>28. Strontium chloride 99% <br> <br>29. Strontium nitrate 99% <br> <br>30. Zinc oxide 99%/99.5%/99.7% <br> <br>31. Zinc chloride tech? Battery grade <br> <br>32. Zinc sulphate <br> <br> <br> <br>Organic chemicals <br> <br>1. Para-ammino phenol <br> <br>2. Benzoic acid bp93/tech grade <br> <br>3. Benzyl alcohol 99% <br> <br>4. Benzyl chloride 99% min <br> <br>5. Calcium lactate usp22 <br> <br>6. Citric acid monohydrate/anhydrous <br> <br>7. Coumarine <br> <br>8. Cd-4& cd-3 <br> <br>9. Cmc oil grade/tech. Grade/detergent grade <br> <br>10. L-cysteine hcl bp88/usp22 <br> <br>11. L-cystine bp88/usp22 <br> <br>12. Furfuryal 98.5% <br> <br>13. Furfuryl alcohol 98% <br> <br>14. Methane sulfonic acid 70%/99% <br> <br>15. Fumaric acid food/tech. Grade <br> <br>16. Formic acid 85%/90% <br> <br>17. Formaldehyde sodium bi sulfite(photo grade) <br> <br>18. Hydrazine <br> <br>19. Hydroqinone tech. Photo grade <br> <br>20.4-hydroxymethyl-4-methyl-1-phenyl-1- <br> <br>Pyrazolidone(photo grade) <br> <br>21. Lactic acid 80%/90% food grade <br> <br>22. Oxalic acid 99.6% min <br> <br>23. Tartaric acid& its salts(tech. Food/pharma. G. ) <br> <br>24. Potassium citrate <br> <br>25. Potassium sorbate fcc grade <br> <br>26. Phenidone(photo grade) <br> <br>27. Sodium alginate food/tech. Grade <br> <br>28. Sodium benzoate bp93 powder/granular. <br> <br>29. Sodium citrate <br> <br>30. Sodium dichloroisocyanurate 55%/60% <br> <br>31. Sorbic acid 99.5% fcc grade <br> <br>32. Sulfamic acid 99.5% <br> <br>33. Thiourea 99% <br> <br>34. Thiourea dioxide 99% <br> <br>35. Trichloroisocyanuric acid 90% <br> <br>36. Vanillin fcc grade <br> <br>37. Xylose 98% <br> <br>38. Xylitol food grade <br> <br> <br> <br>If you are interested in any chemicals and paper. <br> <br>Pls let me know soon. I shall give you our rock-bottom price and high quality. <br> <br>Looking forward to your early reply.

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