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I. Background of the Company: <br>Nature of Business: <br>WILLS INTERNATIONAL SALES CORP. Is a trading company, which is the distributor of several multi-national companies and big Flour Millers here in the country. Our company is divided into 3 divisions namely Food Division, Feeds Division and Personal Wash & Fragrance Division <br>II. Mission & Vision <br>WILLS INTERNATIONAL SALES CORP. , being run by its president who has more than 30 years of experience in trading, believes in long-term supplier-customer business relationships. That is why it is not only giving top quality services to all its clients but also offering trust and integrity in every transaction. <br>WILLS INTERNATIONAL SALES CORP. By giving all its customers the best service and most competitive price possible will become the leading distributor of Foods and Feeds Ingredients and other product line that it carries. It will also be one of the best-managed companies here in the country. <br>III. Trade References: <br>We are the exclusive and non-exclusive distributor of the following companies: <br>Foreign Principals: <br>1. firmenich -Switzerland (Fragrance) <br>2. mitsui & Co. Ltd. - Japan (Vietnam Native Tapioca Starch) <br>3. m. M Vitaoils Sdn, Bhd - Malaysia (Fats & Oils) <br>4. m Power - Singapore (Milk Powder) <br>5. national Starch - ICI Group based in New Jersey, USA <br>Food and Industrial Divisions (Modified Starches) <br>6. novozymes - Switzerland (Enzymes) <br>7. roquette - France (Wheat Starch & Potato Starch) <br>8. singsong Food Corp - South Korea (Wheat Starch) <br>9. soyprotec - Israel (Textured Soya Protein Concentrate) <br>10. uniqema / Croda- ICI Group based in United Kingdom (Personal Wash) <br>Philippine Companies: <br>11. cagayan Corn Products Corp. (Corn Starch) <br>12. delta Flour Mills (Wheat Flour) <br>13. matling Industrial Corp. (Tapioca Starch) <br>14. morning Star Flour Mills (Wheat Flour) <br>15. philippine Starch Co. Inc (Cassava Starch) <br>16. republic Flour Mills (Wheat Flour) <br>17. royal Oil and Industrial Corp. (Fats and Oils) <br>18. wellington Flour Mills (Wheat Flour) <br>IV. Corporate Offices <br>Makati Main Office <br>Wills International Sales Corp. <br>Unit 3107 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower <br>2210 Don Chino Roces Ave. , Makati City <br>Trunkline: (02) 830-2236 <br>Fax No: (02) 830-2238 <br>Cebu (accommodates Food Business Industries in the Visayas Region) <br>Wills International Sales Corp. <br>Unit 106 Traders Arcade Hernan Cortez, Mandaue City Cebu <br>Tel No: (032) 422-7188 <br>Sucat Retail Outlet <br>Bake Masters Food Ingredients Corp. <br>Unit A B & C, No. 8415 Dr. A. Santos Ave. Sucat, Paranaque <br>Tel No: (02) 825-5123 <br>Telefax: (02) 829-6949 <br>V. List of Products: <br>Buttermilk Powder <br>Cassava Starch <br>Cooking Oil <br>Copra Cake <br>Corn Flour <br>Corn Gluten Feed <br>Corn Starch <br>Crude Coconut Oil <br>Enzymes <br>Feed Wheat <br>Fish Meal <br>Fish Oil <br>Fragrance <br>Glycerin <br>Industrial Flour <br>Iodized Salt <br>LABS <br>Modified Starch <br>Molasses <br>Potato Starch <br>Protein <br>Seasonings <br>Shortening <br>Skim Milk Powder <br>Soap Noodle <br>Soya Bean Meal <br>Stearic Acid <br>Sugar <br>Wheat Flour <br>Wheat Pollard <br>Wheat Starch <br>Whey Powder <br>Yellow Corn <br>

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Wills International Sales Corp.


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