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We grow, harvest and pack for export a full range of retail and wholesale / bulk herbal medicines and wellness products. <br>The company was formed in 1997 but only officialy became an export comapny in 2004. <br>All products are produced under HACCP approved conditions and meet the export regulations for the USAand EU. <br>Our range of products covers Hoodia capsules and slimming gels, <br>Wellness mineral water in 500ml bottles, a full rnage of herbal medicines plus a full range of herbal tea cosmetics and hebrtal teas such as Rooibos and Green rooibos. <br>We also supply herbal teas with Hoodia and Sceletium as well in the same tea bag. <br>Our new range of Glyconutrients will be marketed as from 15 April 2008 in retail containers. <br>We also supply wholesale / bulk herbal teas as well as Aloe Vera gel, <br>And <br>All our products can be purchased in bulk, unmarked and available for you to repack under your own label. <br>All relevent CITES Certificates (for Hoodia) and Phyto Sanitary certs are supplied with the teas. All cosmetics are sent with PIP Files too. <br>

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Winddancer Trading


Suite# 16 Bella Mare, Sunningdale


South Africa

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Herbal Medicines

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