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Wuhan East China Chemical Co., Ltd. is specializing in producing and selling lignosulphonate and MR or MN serial products, and producing and supplying meticulous chemical products such as magnesium polysilicate, sodium gluconate,. Our firm is located in Wuhan. Wuhan Port is the first-grade port and the largest port along the Changjiang River. <br>Our company manages lignosulphonate mainly such as sodium ligosulphonate, calcium ligosulphonate, ammonium ligosulphonate, magnesium ligosulphonate, and lignin serial products, and all kinds of new types of Water Repellents and other concrete additives. <br> <br>The customer service center of our company focuses on providing the supply-demand information, technological consultation and after-sales service of the relevant products, which has gained many customers' trust and support. We feel very grateful and sincerely welcome new and old friends to our company.

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Wuhan East China Chemical Co., Ltd.


No. 107, Huangxiaohe Road



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Main Products:

Calcium Lignosulphonate,Calcium Lignosulphonate,Calcium Lignosulphonate,Calcium Lignosulphonate

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