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What we do <br>Most manufacturers and distributors are occasionally faced with stock problems that need to be solved. We help solve their problem by presenting them as an opportunity, to make a profit for the customer focussed, specialist and midsize IT reseller. <br>Why we do it <br>Usually when faced with a major overstock problem, manufacturers and distributors offer stock at a 'special price' to their biggest resellers who have the capacity and customer base to clear the stock. The resellers compound the situation by selling the 'problem stock' and not promoting the rest of the range or new products. The cycle begins again which is where the opportunity arises. <br>What's in it for you? <br>We work with manufacturers and distributors to help manage these overstock or end of line issues by presenting the opportunity to a whole new range of resellers at the same price the 'big boys' get, but in much smaller lots. You get the best price to compete and make a decent profit while the problem stock is sold through to new resellers and customers. <br>Anything else? <br>In many cases we can also help with direct marketing to your customer base. Either by connecting you to the marketing and promotion programs which are available to authorised resellers or by making available bespoke programs supported and endorsed by the manufacturer. <br>

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