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Our company has been consisted of expert men all in their field of activities in exporting fresh and dried fruits from checking and choosing the gardens up to sorting, packing and finally shipment of the products in its best position. <br>We believe that we choose the best products of the best gardens and pack them very carefully to deliver them in its safest position to the target ports. <br>We have several years of experience in our activities and have gathered together in this company in order to show our capability to our customers in its highest possible way to achieve their satisfaction as high as possible. <br>Since our main field of activity is exporting fresh pomegranate we have chosen &quot;yaghout sorkh pars&quot; as the name of our company which in latin language means &quot;persian amethyst&quot;. <br>

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Yaghout Sorkh Pars





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Pomegranate Fresh Fruit

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