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Yantai City Tashan Fruit & Vegetable Refrigeration Co., Ltd. is invested by World Co., Ltd. of Yantai with RMB50 million. We are the most large-scale gas-regulating storehouse in Shandong Province. Taking up an area of 3.33 hectares, our storehouse is used to store fruit mainly. Storing amount is nearly ten thousand tons. Our company enjoys import and export right, with offices in many countries. Our fruit is exported to Southeast Asian countries mainly. <br> <br>There are 30 management employees and 200 technical workers in our company, including about 7 advanced managers and 12 secondary managers. Our equipment is introduced from Italy. The automation level of our company is among the highest in China. (Parts of the technology have applied to patents and our company has passed the requirements of ISO9001 International Quality System and ISO 14001 Environment Management System, etc.) <br> <br>Our company is located in Qixia, which is in glue East Ridge with beautiful scenery, Yantai, relying on local natural conditions, and taking full advantages of &quot;the town of fruit&quot;. Holding the flag of environmental protection, basing on domestic and facing abroad, we will develop foreign trade effectively. Our company is the new strength of fresh-keeping industry in China. <br>

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Yantai City Tashan Fruit & Vegetable Refrigeration Co., Ltd.


Gucun Industrial Park, Guanli Town, Qixia City, Shandong Province



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Fresh apple

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