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YAVUZ FIG &quot;WELCOME TO THE ADDRESS OF QUALITY IN FIGS! &quot;<br><br>HISTORY & PROFILE<br>YAVUZ FIG was founded in 1970's as a family company in Nazilli which is the biggest fig growing and production centre in Turkey. Till the 2000s Yavuz Fig established a strong base in the internal market with its the best quality figs and with the famous INCIRCIZADE brand. After obtaining a strong base in the domestic market, in the years 2000s the company opened to the world markets by either directly exporting or producing for the world firms under their brands.<br>Today the company has become one of the biggest dried fig producers of Turkey.<br><br><br>PRODUCER WITH ISO 9001 and HACCP STANDARDS<br>Today YAVUZ FIG is making its production in modern production processes at European standards and hygienic conditions in 1500 m2 closed area with a modern production plant and skilled and experienced staff in fig production.<br><br>QUALITY STANDARDS & BRANDS<br>Quality starts from local growers in YAVUZ FIG. Because the company is locally based, it has its own purchase hinterland area. The quality figs, purchased with care, are processed at modern food production standards and health conditions with modern machines and qualified personnel.We always buy our raw figs from our permanent providers of wholesalers and farmers of some regions where the best figs are produced and harvested. Our traditional suppliers are from the mountainous regions especially, where the most quality and delicious dried fruits are harvested.<br><br>The company has the world production and health certificates of ISO 9001 and HACCP, showing and assuring the quality in food production. The production at world standards, the experience and especially the quality conscience of our firm is the guarantee of our quality.<br><br>Now the company is presenting and marketing its own quality dried figs under its own brands, A1 and INCIRCIZADE for the domestic and world markets. The long term target of the company is to have a strong base in the world markets among the best producers worldwide in the area of dried fig production.<br><br>PRODUCTS& PACKING<br>YAVUZ FIG produce all kinds of fig products and packing types. Please ask for special packing and fig products for your company.<br><br>MAIN PRODUCTS:<br>*LERIDA(size 1-8)<br>*GARLAND(size5-8)<br>*PROTOBEN(size1-6)<br>*PULLED(size1-6)<br>*NATURAL(size1-8)<br>*LAYER<br>*CEZERYE(Turkish type fig paste with various nuts)<br>*SPECIAL(various packing and arranging as for your request)<br>The above arranging types are international standards.<br><br>PACKING MATERIALS:<br>Main packing materials are various CARTON, CARDBOARD BOXES, WOODEN BOXES, SHRINK/CELLOPHANE/PVC packs, CARTON/WOODEN/FOAM/PVC PLATES etc. All packing and special packing types can be done as per your request.

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